How to Choose the Right Scholarship? – Different Types of Scholarships


Choosing the right scholarship sets the student on the right path of success. It provides prestige, financial aid and student honoree. There is a common misconception that scholarships are only for meritorious students or students with GPA (Grade Point Average) above 8 or 9. There are scholarship for every kind of student. In fact, the average students turn out to be the real winners. Christopher nohl once said that, “The soldier is identified with his focus and strength. He has a laser like focus”. With the right focus, one can get certainly get the desired scholarship.

 The article discusses different types of scholarships available.

Academic Scholarships

These are merit-based scholarships awarded to students with outstanding academic performances. The students with the following qualifications are eligible to claim these scholarships:

  • Extraordinary GPA.
  • Outshined in extracurricular activities.
  • Excelled in sports.
  • Good history of public service

Academic scholarships are beneficial even after college. Because they introduce students into the business world. It adds extra value to the resume.

Average Academic Performance Scholarships

The top academic scholarships are out of reach for many. This doesn’t mean that there are no scholarships for average students. There are average academic performance scholarships. It does give weightage to academic performance. But in addition, it also weighs the students based on his or her community services, strengths, essay content, leadership qualities and test performances. Even a student with 4.0 GPA is eligible to get this scholarship. He just has to prove the scholarship provider that he is an achiever.

Athletic Scholarships

These are the most competitive scholarships. The students applying for these scholarships have to prove that they are good in their choice of sport and also good in their academics. There are separate scholarships for every kind of sport. Some athletic scholarships put in conditions that the students should be nominated by their coach.

Scholarships for Minorities

The minority scholarships are specific in their ethnic requirements. Some of the scholarships are open to all the minority students. While some others are for specific ethnic group. These scholarships are usually funded by corporations and federal governments.

Scholarships for Women

There are scholarships that are dedicated to women. It is provided in equal number by government run institutions and autonomous institutions. However, these scholarships are tied to specific course of study. In other words, unlike academic scholarships that are available for all areas of study, scholarships for women are available only for certain courses.

Creative scholarships

These scholarships are designed exclusively for artistically inclined students. They are highly competitive. While applying for these scholarships, the students have to submit a sample of their artwork. Dance and music art scholarship require an audition.

Unusual Scholarships

They are sponsored by the individuals or local associations, businesses or national organizations. For instance, scholarship for children of Italian immigrants or scholarship for the best prom dress fashion, etc.

Community Service Scholarships

It is for students with civic accomplishments and history of community involvement.

There is always something out there for everyone. Look through the options. Read scholarship guides. With a bit of effort, you will definitely find the money to pay for your college. Good Luck!

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