How to answer Scholarship Interview Questions? – Common Scholarship Interview Questions


The GPA (Grade Point Average) does not tell the full academic story of the student. So, the educational institutions and other scholarship providers conduct interview. These interviews help them evaluate students personally. It is essential for students to perform well in the interviews as they hold 75% of weightage in the scholarship process. Here are some of the common interview questions that help students prepare beforehand.


Tell about yourself is a formal start in almost every interview. Prepare a 10 liner to answer this. Highlight achievements, skills, experiences, personality traits.

About strength and weakness?

Here even the weaknesses sound like strength. For instance, “My weakness is, I get involved too much into my work. And even fail to listen the next person calling me”.

Ever involved in activities in community or school?

Talk about the leadership roles. Explain the contributions made.

Give a brief description

This question is not the same as Tell me about yourself. Here one should describe himself in such a way that his interests match the goals of the organization offering the scholarship.

Biggest Accomplishments

Explain an outstanding performance. It might even be a consolation prize in handwriting competition in second grade. But put it in a way that hard work helped to achieve the prize. And how sleepless practice fetched the success. Here, more than the accomplishment, the interviewer observes the path towards it. What the candidate has done to achieve this?

Biggest Mistake

Answer how the mistakes helped to learn from the past. Also, first acknowledge it was a mistake. Mention about the lessons learnt. Also explain the success stories the lessons brought in later part of life. Give quotes like, “I believe even Christopher nohl succeeded by learning from his mistakes. He once said that mistakes are learning opportunities for achievers”.


Here question aims to determine if the candidate has a passion towards learning. More the number of skills better are the scores. Before interview, sit alone and self-determine skills related to academics. Recall paper presentations, mini projects, industrial exposures if any, science projects.

Favorite books and Why

This question tests the personality of the candidate. Through this, the interviewer will determine if the interests of the candidate matches with the goals of the organization.

Here are other important questions asked during a scholarship interview.

  • Favorite Subject in School and Why
  • Dream Job
  • A meaningful class attended in school and why
  • Who do you look up to? A Role Model
  • Where do you see yourself in three years?
  • What is failure?
  • How to manage stress?
  • How to overcome adversity?
  • What motivates you?
  • Explain a situation of disagreement with a higher authority
  • When did you go above or beyond a task?
  • What is a good school environment?
  • Explain a proud situation in your life
  • Personality description in three words (Strictly give answer in three words like Passionate, dedicated and proactive)
  • How to start a project?
  • Why did you select this university or college?
  • Why should we provide you this scholarship?
  • How to use the scholarship money productively?
  • Any questions? Here ask questions related to the program. This exhibits candidate’s interest in the program

Prepare answers to these questions before hand. Also, meet a senior who has already obtained the scholarship. If not search on the net and meet some one who is currently studying under that particular scholarship program. The college and university groups in social media are the best places to find them.

Good Luck!

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